5 Points to Consider before you Buy or Invest in a business venture: Tracking the Proverbs 31-woman series 21

“She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.” (Prov.31:16)

Interesting woman this is. She considers a field and buys it? Then she goes ahead to plant a vineyard? How possible is that especially in our context in Africa?

Well, a lot has changed. We’ve come a long way as women in Africa. Many governments have now made and implemented legislation that’s providing an enabling environment for women to buy and own land; including inheriting from their parents.

Is this however what this passage is about entirely? I want to believe there’s more the Lord is saying as we continue to reflect on this verse.

We want to learn all that God would have us learn as we seek to pattern our lives after the will of God about the Proverbs 31 passage.

Before I share the 5 points to consider before investing, I want to build, however briefly, the basis for these points from this verse.

I want to do this by looking at the word consider in the verse.

Why would this woman first consider a field before buying it? Let’s find out the dictionary meaning of the word consider.

Google’s dictionary simply puts it this way:

“think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision.”

Another definition is:

“to look attentively at.”

From these definitions, the word consider denotes taking time, pondering, thinking about, or perhaps reflecting on a decision before making it.

Taking into account the fact that the Proverbs 31 woman was a hands-on woman, I don’t think this had anything to do with indecision as we will see in the next blog post, I believe it was more about the fact that she needed to be sure she was making a wise decision.

I say this in the light of the fact that we women can tend to be impulsive spur-of-the-moment buyers.

I will find something on the street that I think I need. I will convince myself how much I need it. I will somehow fix it in my budget and purchase it.

I will then often find myself with lots of stuff that shouldn’t be in my house, or even stuff I might just realize I didn’t need.

Is it no wonder lots of content on being minimal and decluttering is gaining lots of traction? We are needing to be helped now to declutter our spaces because a lot of what we are buying is unnecessary in the long run.

Oh, that we would apply what the Proverbs 31 woman is teaching us through that simple little word, consider!

Once we learn the lesson, it will apply, not just to huge investments such as land, I believe it will apply to little ones such as buying another set of knives simply because the smallest knife in the set is so suitable for slicing up my courgette!

Now, having said this, how practical can we get in applying the lessons we are learning from this verse?

That’s where our 5 points come in. Let me now share the 5 points to consider before you buy, or invest in a venture, project, or endeavor:

  1. Pray, seeking the Mind of God concerning the Venture

As a child of God, it is so vital that you pray concerning every matter and decision, especially decisions that may have far-reaching effects just in case you make a mistake.

God will lead, especially when you don’t rush; when you take time to ponder; to consider.

There are many passages of scripture that encourage us to wait on the Lord. God has a way of using these times of waiting to refine a decision, clarify issues, and even help us to deal with the wrong motive in purchasing or engaging in a venture.

As you continue walking with God in his Word and prayer, God will lead you in making the right decision; especially decisions of such magnitude.

Don’t wait to pray when you need God to answer. Continue in relationship with him day by day. You will get to know his overall will revealed in his Word, a necessary foundation to experience his leading at a personal level and concerning a specific issue.

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  1. Talk to and consult your husband about this decision and venture (for women who are married)

As a married woman, you are under God-ordained authority. In 1Cor.11:3, the Bible gives the order ordained by God. This is the order: God is the Head of Christ, Christ the head of the man, and the man the head of the woman; his wife.

In some of our cultures, we have been made to believe that as a woman, you will need to keep something aside for a rainy day and your husband mustn’t know. What if you separate or divorce, or he dies, what will you do? you’ll often be asked.

I’m of the persuasion that if a husband is head of the home, he needs to be aware and privy to all matters and especially those that require major decision-making.

I’m not talking about nitty-gritties and mundane tasks and decision-making that happens in the daily running of the home.

I am convinced that if a husband is born again and not insecure, a wife can consult a husband when it comes to such a decision as buying land or engaging in a major investment activity.

When you do this, I want to trust that God’s blessing will be upon this venture. This is especially because you have chosen to yield to God’s order in his authority structure of the home.

I have benefited a great deal from consulting my husband on ventures I have undertaken. Not only do I have the input of someone who is objective now that they are seeing the venture from a vantage point, but they also offer the much-needed guidance and input of a man.

Men and women will almost always view situations from different viewpoints. This consultation is necessary to ensure that your venture is shielded from as much risk as possible.

  1. Make sufficient inquiries from the relevant authorities about the investment you’re making

We are living in a fallen world. Incident after incident comes to mind when I think of how many women have been conned into getting into ghost Investments or making nonexistent purchases.

A relative, recently widowed, was conned into buying a Nissan for public transport with her late husband’s remaining fortune that she’d inherited.

She kept conversing with the sellers on the phone and sending money as they requested. By the time the rest of us got to know what was going on, she’d been conned of a huge sum of money.

You might be wondering; how could she fall for such a ploy? Well, she did; and many do fall for these kinds of ploys again and again. You and I can too, that is unless the Lord enables us to exercise caution, and, as I’m saying, to consider.

How many have bought land only to find out they cannot own the land yet because it has a caution on it?

There was a season in our country when we had a prevalence of what was called pyramid schemes. You’d invest an amount of money in the scheme and reap double after a specified period.

Many brethren invested in these, believing that the Lord was now prospering his people financially. The schemes eventually collapsed and many who had invested lost huge sums of money as a result.

I still remember a couple who told me their friends encouraged them to join but they just sensed a check in the spirit; a warning that spared them lots of anguish when the schemes fell.

We have no time to talk about the quail business craze that tumbled down several years ago… and many others.

Whatever investment you’re getting into, make sufficient investigation to be certain that you’ll not get into any trouble legally or otherwise.

  1. Consult mentors for greater insight and wisdom in your decision making

Mentors are those who are most likely older, have been where you are albeit in a different way, and are likely to anticipate pitfalls or areas you may need to consider further concerning an investment you’re making.

They are most likely going to be unbiased in their advice since they are concerned about your welfare as well.

They can give sober godly counsel, including advice against a venture they feel may not be in your line of gifting and or talent.

You would do well to share with these. You may just spare yourself untold pain and agony by just receiving the right counsel.

  1. Consult an expert in the area covering the kind of investment you want to engage in

Whether you are considering buying land or investing in a business, or any other kind of investment; you want to consult an expert or someone that’s well versed in that kind of investment.

How many, for instance, have begun a matatu business (public transport) and failed flat on their faces one year down the line? I have seen this trend happen again and again with those who’ve engaged in motorcycle public transport as well.

Could it be that they didn’t take the time to consult to know how to go about this business? Did they simply rely on the fact that money comes in daily from those paying for the transport every day?

What about farming? Might we fail because we haven’t taken the time to understand the trends surrounding the farming industry?

Whatever your investment, consult. It will save you lots of resources and help you to have peace of mind as you make your decision.

I pray these 5 points to consider before you buy or invest will be helpful. They will slow you down so that you can pause and consider.

You will find that you are not making major decisions in a hurry. God will grant you discernment as you look to him, to make these investments, in line with his will.

All this is part of your becoming the woman of noble character God is making you be, as you continue to emulate the Proverbs 31 woman.

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